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Chaplain's Corner

By Malcolm 'Mac' Glasgow, Department Chaplain

Four Chaplains Week, the first week of February, beginning February 1 until the first Sunday, is designated as Religious Emphasis week on the American Legion Department Calendar. Four Chaplains Sunday is on the first Sunday in February of each year and the week following the Four Chaplains Sunday is designated as the week to promote "Religious Ideals" or "Religious Emphasis Week"

The anniversary date of The Four Chaplains Sinking of the USAT Dorchester is February 3. Many Districts and Post have the Four Chaplains Ceremony on that day. If possible that is that is the most appropriate day to have the Ceremony, but in today's hectic schedule of events when attendance is so important scheduling conflicts with other major event like the Super Bowl can distract and effect attendance to the Four Chaplain. Therefore, my contention is have the Four Chaplains Ceremony during the month of February, "Religious Emphasis Month" whenever is it the most convenient for your attendees.

At the Mid-Winter Conference this past January, the Religious Emphasis Committee was honored to have Captain Chaplain, Reverend, Dr. Herbert Goetz USN, CHC, Retired as our guest speaker. Herb is the "Official Chaplain" that represents the state of Ohio for the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation.

Herb gave us a presentation on why doing the Four Chaplains Ceremony the recommended Foundation way is so important to the preservation of the Ceremony.

The official recommended procedure is available to the Ohio Legion Family at fourchaplains.org; in addition the Religious Emphasis Committee has the Four Chaplains Guidelines plus new and old flyers available on the Four Chaplains and Service to God and Country. Chaplain Goetz reminded us that the "Story of the Four Chaplains" the "Saga of the Four Chaplains" and "Forgotten Men" are the recommended readings for the Four Chaplains Ceremony in addition to the Candle Lighting Ceremony for Chaplains Fox, Goode, Poling and Washington. All these materials are available at the Department of Ohio, Religious Emphasis Committee and the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation website, fourchaplains.org.

In closing, the First four words of our Preamble to the American legion Constitution are: "For God and Country" and when we all conduct our American Legion Business too many times the second word "God" is forgotten.

Remember "Religious Emphasis" is "For God."