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District 4 News

Homeless Fund

4th District Commander Aaron Cunningham presenting a check to the Cincinnati Joseph House from Past Department Dave Hilliard's Homeless Fund. Pictured (L-R) are: Walt Croswaite, District Chairman for Joseph House, Past 4th District Commander Allan Walsh, Joseph House Director Mr. Blue, 4th District Commander Aaron R Cunningham II, and 4th District Adjutant Robert Crisp.

VA contribution

4th District Commander, Aaron Cunningham, presenting a check to Cincinnati VA Medical Center Activities.

Fisher House donation

4th District Commander Aaron Cunningham presenting a check to the Cincinnati Fisher House.

Pearl Harbor commemoration

Members of Stuart G. Luginbuhl Post 72 help honor Pearl Harbor survivor Joe Whitt at the New Richmond Pearl Harbor celebration. Ralph Shepherd, veteran's event organizer in New Richmond, said they hope to make the program special this year because they are not sure how much longer they will be hosting the program.

Post 72 A and G

Stuart G. Luginbuhl Post 72 awards Americanism & Governmant Test Winners from Gleneste High School. Pictured (L-R): Commander Ron Hartman, Eva Lawson, Dwen May, Tyler Bain, Dylan Hutson, Karishma Patel, and Ron Gleason


The Wilmington CBOC held an Open House on July 28th and Post 49 was there to assist. Post 49 was charged with the awesome responsibility of grilling the hot dogs. So, CBOC VAVS Rep., Fourth District Chaplain Paul Butler, called in the top "Grillers" in the Post. Recruited for this critical mission, was Clinton County Cmdr. Richard James (P 49) and Post 49 member John Arvai.

Little League Plaque

Coaches and staff of the Tealtown Terrors Little League present a photo plaque to Commander Ron Hartman of Stuart G. Luginbuhl American Legion Post 72 in appreciation for Post 72 sponsoring their team and providing the team shirts.

Fisher House visit

Following the VA Town Hall meeting, hosted by Mt. Washington Post 484 on Thursday, November 19th, Department and District Officers visited the Fisher House and VAMC in Cincinnati. The visit concluded with a trip to the special OIF/OEF/OND facility where our returning veterans receive the unique services they may require for reintegration. Pictured (L-R): Dave Hurst, VAVS Rep.; Gary Petrochello, Dept. Sgt. at Arms; Allan Walsh, Dept. Asst. Sgt. at Arms; Suzette Price, Dept. Service Director; Ron Chapman, Dept. 1st Vice Cmdr., Jim Campbell, Dept. Cmdr., Terry Croswait, VSO; Bob Derr, 4th Dist. 1st Vice Cmdr., Paul Butler, 4th Dist. Chaplain.

Buckeye Boys State

Representatives of state, county, and local governments came together on September 8th at Wilmington Veterans Post 49 to honor the 2015 Buckeye Boys State (BBS) graduates they sponsored. The delegates sponsored by Post 49 this year, were: Bryant Bergerfurd, Allister Brausch, Jason Cochran, Alec Manser, Brady McCune, Ryan Oates, and Dylan Robinson. After each graduate spoke on his personal experiences at BBS, Class of 1966 graduate, Clinton County Common Pleas Court Judge John W. "Tim" Rudduck addressed the class of 2015, their parents, and guests. Post 49's BBS Chairman, Jerry LeForge, presented Wilmington High School government teacher, Doug Cooper, with a plaque: "In appreciation for your unwavering support of and dedication to Buckeye Boys State."

Post 49 Quilt

Post 49 has presented the first of the 13 "Hero Quilts" donated by the Clinton County Quilt Guild at this year's Corn Festival. The first quilt was presented to Air Force veteran, Larry Starr, a 43 year member of Post 49 and member of Voiture 992, who is currently at Cape May in a therapy and rehabilitation program before his anxiously awaited return home. Larry's wife Lynette is a long time member of Ladies Auxiliary Unit 49.