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First Vice Commander's Column

Legionnaires of Ohio we are now more than halfway through the 2015-2016 year. The Mid-Winter Conference has come and gone. Earlier this year District Commanders and 1st Vice Commanders set some goals for membership. I challenged each District to be at 80 percent by the Brown Jug Lap turn-in, 91 percent by the Mid-Winter Conference, and each District to be 1 percent point higher at the end of the year than they were last year. Congratulations to Districts 4 and 2 for reaching 80 percent by Veterans Day and congratulations to Fourth District Commander Aaron Cunningham and 1st Vice Commander Bob Derr for winning the Medium Brown Jug and achieving 91 percent of quota by Mid-Winter. We have had our ups and downs this year in membership. Only two Districts reached the 80 percent goal by Veterans Day, however, several came really close. Same story with the 91 percent goal by Mid-Winter. Currently we have five (5) Districts who are over 90 percent and twelve (12) of our fourteen Districts are above 86 percent. Six of those Districts are ahead of last year. I am confident that all will continue to work hard to attain the goal of 1 percent higher than last year in membership. As a Department we are at 87.03 percent and ahead of our target by more than 2 percent at this time. Our next and most immediate goal is to reach 91 percent as a Department by the March 2nd Big Twelve turn-in. Speaking of the Big Twelve turn-in, on February 27th thru the 28th we will be hosting our annual Past Department Commanders round-up. In the past this has taken place after the early March turn in, but this year we scheduled the round-up before the March 2nd round-up to hopefully increase participation. During his visit to Ohio in January, National Commander Barnett asked us to think of the rest of the year as the last quarter of a game. Use teamwork, resources available to you and make a commitment to reach the goal, and of course our ultimate goal is to be a quota Department for the first time since 1993.

Congratulations to the following 84 Posts for reaching quota by the end of January.

District 1:

Vernon McCune Post 132, Toledo

Farmer Post 137

Charles J. Wagner Post 287, Lepsic

Deshler Post 316

Lybarger-Grimm Post 441, Tontogany

Harter-Williams Post 536, Gilboa (All time High)

Louis Feuma Post 555, Marblehead

Donald Dunbar Post 786, Toledo

District 2:

Willard Stout Post 266, Belle Center

Bluffton Post 382

District 3:

Foody-Cornwell Post 95, Xenia

Dale L. Binkley Memorial Post 289, Brookville

Eck Ary-Douglas Dickey Post 353, Ansonia

Osgood Post 588

Priddy-Walters Post 665, West Manchester

Beavercreek Memorial Post 763, Beavercreek

District 4:

Stuart G. Luginbuhl Post 72 (All time High)

Joe Barr Post 194, Mason

Yeager-Benson Memorial Post 199, Harrison

Williamsburg Post 288

Oola Kahn Post 372

Bond Hill-Roselawn Post 427, Cincinnati

Miller-Stockum Post 485, Cincinnati

Chambers-Hautman-Budde Post 534, Cincinnati

Edward C. Gehlert Post 554, Cincinnati

North East Post 630, Blue Ash

John R. Fox Post 631, Lockland

Greater Cincinnati Women's Post 644 (All time High)

Havelock D. Nelson Post 681 West Chester

Hyde Park-Mt Lookout Post 744, Cincinnati

George A. Lambert Post 755, Sardinia

Springboro Post 805 (All time High)

District 5:

Victory Post 260, Attica

Wade Benfer Post 404, Republic

Carl A. Geiger Post 405, New Washington

Willard B. Holmes Post 656, Oberlin

District 6:

Phillipi-Clement Post 101, LaRue

Johnstown Post 254 (All time High)

Clyde C. Keltner Post 518, Ashley

Joseph Colopy Jr. Post 650, Danville

District 7:

Charles H. Eyre Post 633, Seaman

Roy W. Wilson Post 694, Mowrystown

District 8:

Vinton Post 161

Glenford Dugan Post 229, Nelsonville

McCann-Frederick Post 414, Glouster

Racine Post 602

District 9:

Mahoning Valley Inc. Post 15, Poland

Hubbard Post 51

Canfield Post 177

Percy D. Hyatt Post 226, Andover

Lowellville Post 247

Mentor Post 352

Road of Remembrance Post 472, Youngstown

Raymond L. Johnson Post 540, Cortland

Barber Williams Post 609, Kirtland

Perry Memorial Post 697, Perry

Howland Post 700, Warren (All time High)

Kelly-Ward-Varley Memorial Post 732, Youngstown

Neal Post 743, N. Kingsville

District 10:

Dover Post 205

Stanley S. Bowman Post 440, North Industry

West Lafayette Post 466

Dellroy Post 476

Homer Weiss Post 494, Sugarcreek

Creston Post 497

Gilbert Koontz Post 525, Adena

Walhonding Valley Post 634, Warsaw

Lowell D. Oberly Post 667, East Canton

Hammondsville Post 742

District 11:

Monroe Post 87, Woodsfield

New Matamoras Post 378

Glencoe Post 632

Belle Valley Post 641

District 12:

Franklin Post 1, Columbus

A.L. Brooks Post 157, Columbus

Young-Budd Post 171, Westerville

Malcolm D. Jeffery Post 465, Columbus

Robert Dutro Post 486, Groveport

Sgt. Donald R. Long Post 770, Coulmbus

Reynoldsburg Post 798

Columbus-Galloway Post 799, Galloway

District 13:

Euclid Post 342

District 14:

Frank Bender Post 473, Copley

University of Akron Post 808 (All time High)

All of the Posts listed here have fulfilled their obligations to meet their membership goals this year and now can continue to recruit new members and promote the programs of the American Legion throughout their communities.

Thank you for your effort and a job well done.

The following recruiters were recognized at the Mid-Winter Conference for their efforts in membership this year and received an award.

Mike Bender - Post 534, Cincinnati,

Jerry Wilson - Post 199, Harrison,

Al Buxton - Post 199, Harrison,

Dennis Dickey - Post 353 Ansonia,

Rick Walter - Post 3 Findlay,

Larry Kitchen - Post 3 Findlay,

Carl Brooks - Post 598 Kettering,

Bob Mays - Post 598 Kettering,

Joe Law - Post 598 Kettering,

Ron Rife - Post 476 Langsville,

Ron Kaczmarek - Post 642 Toledo,

Michael Suchland - Post 241 New Bremen,

Melvin Hoeft - Post 324 Genoa,

and Warren Schievert - Post 324 Genoa.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work to help your Post and District meet their membership goals.

As we head into the final half of the y

ear let's work together and keep the momentum going. Together as a TEAM we can continue to, "GROW THE FAMILY".

Ron 'Chapy' Chapman, 1st Vice Commander