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Marion Post hosts 2016 Department Golf Tournament

Marion Post 584 will play host to the 2016 Department of Ohio American Legion Golf Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 13-14, at Whetstone Golf Course and Kingsmill Golf Course.

The format has changed for the golf tournament to a four-person Scramble Format as follows:

Each team member must hit three (3) tee shots during a round.

Club length relief from ball location, except from hazards, Out of Bounds.

Cannot move from rough into fairway.

When the ball is hit on green, mark the ball, and then putt from mark, until holed.

If putt is missed, mark, and finish putting, do not tap in until all have putted.

All putts to be holed, no freebies.

The 2016 Department of Ohio Golf Tournament is open to American Legion Department of Ohio, Auxiliary, and Sons, 21 years of age and over.

Make your own team, have fun and enjoy the game and comradery, this is truly a Legion Family event that the entire family can be together. Organizers hope this increases participation and enjoyment of the annual tournament.

Special Olympics: Organizers ask for
100 percent participation by Memorial Day

By Gary Minadeo
Department Parliamentarian

The Department of Ohio Special Olympics Program is a one-of-a-kind operation in the American Legion. Most Departments no longer have a Department emphasis on Special Olympics, but we in Ohio have always seen this as a major area of service and love for these very special individuals.

Yearly, the Special Olympics Committee budgets $30,000-$32,000 to support the Winter Games with over 400 athletes and coaches by sponsoring a breakfast and various alpine and cross country events, the American Legion "Tent Town" at the state Special Olympics games where Legionnaires distribute various useful and fun items to over 3200 athletes, and finally the state Aquatic Games.

Letters were sent in January to each Post, Squadron, and Unit establishing the standard goal of $20 per Post, Squadron, and Unit. This has been the goal for quite a few years.

These monies go a long way to simply putting a smile on the Olympians' faces, while firmly establishing in the minds and hearts of thousands of Special Olympians that they can depend on The American Legion to be there for them every year.

Some simple math reveals that the $20 goal with 100% participation is not enough to fund the budget stated above. So one may ask "then why have such a small goal?" and the answer is that the Special Olympics Committee seeks 100% participation from our Posts, Squadrons, and Units first.

Once a Post, Squadron, and Unit resolve to support this very worthy program at the minimum level, it is not long before they will want to do more.

As a matter of fact, many Posts, Squadrons, and Units historically give hundreds above the minimum covering about 90% of the budget with the shortfall each year covered from the Special Olympics Committee reserve funds. The Committee does understand that many of our Posts, Squadrons, and Units support their own local Special Olympics programs.

This is very commendable and is another reason why we ask for only $20 from all and more from those who desire to give more.

The Department Special Olympics program is not in a monetary crisis even though the past few years this program did experience shortfalls.

The Department does, however, have a commitment crisis with less than 50% of the American Legion family meeting the $20 minimum each year. Please stand up for these fantastic Olympians in your Post, Squadron, and Unit and ask for $20 to be sent to Department before Memorial Day.

Let's all pitch in to keep the Department of Ohio Special Olympics Program strong and an example of service to community.