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2015 Department of Ohio Golf Tournament posts results

The 50th annual Golf Tournament was held in Greenville, on August 15-16.

The reported results are as follows:

Individual Low Gross:

Keith Kretschmar, Post 140

Carl Sloat, Post 62

Low Net:

James Powell, Post 776

Eric Long, Post 140

Age 60-70:

Dan Sarver, Post 64

Mike Willekind, Post 64

Age 70 and over:

Jack Hill, Post 750

(Gross and Low net)

Team Low Gross:

Post 776: Robert Williamson, James Powell, Melvin Buckman, Carl Sims

Team Low Net:

Post 750: Jack Hill, William Hill, Larry Olinn, Tony Olinn

The weather held out for the tournament and everyone who attended had a good time.

Greenville Post 140 and Committee member Don Newbauer did a good job hosting the tournament.

Department Second Vice Commander Dave Jackson opened the tournament with the pledge and hitting the first golf ball of the day.

Department Treasurer Stanley Pleasant, District 3 Commander Dennis Dickey, 2nd Vice Commander Melissa Fowle, and Chaplain Jim Vaughn, and Department Director McGowan all visited the Tournament.

The 2016 Department Golf Tournament will be held August 13 and 14 in Marion with G.I. Post 584 as the host Post.

A big thank you to Past Chairman Bob Hurt, Post 441 Bowling Green, for his many years of service.

We wish him well and hope he will visit upcoming tournaments.

Chairman Bishop will present a plaque to Bob at a later date.

Willard Beam Memorial Trapshoot Tournament wraps up in Marengo

The annual Willard Beam Memorial Trapshoot Tournament was held at the Cardinal Center, in Marengo, on Sunday, September 13th.

The Tournament was opened with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance led by Department 2nd Vice Commander Dave Jackson. Sixth District Commander Bart Arndt along with Department Post Activities Director Brenda McGowan were present. The weather was perfect and everyone had a good time.

Sixty eight shooters participated this year. We should promote and support all our Tournaments to keep them up and running. Membership and Activities go hand and hand.

Winners per event as reported by the Commission are as follows:


Gun: Tom Stevens

$100.00: Dale Beam

$100.00: Dan Goodman

High 5 Man Team: Randy Fidler, Brad Stumbo, Pat Rinehart, Ken Wagers, Tim Sumbo, Post 503

Runner Up 5 Man Team: Paul Baker Jr., James Nutter, Jimmy Nutter, Tracey McCall, Dane Goin, Post 613

High 2 Man Team: John Fritz, Adam Fritz, Post 260

High Overall:

Randy Fidler, Post 503

High Husband and Wife:

Diana and Dale Beam, Post 97

High Lady: Barbara Ball, Post 460

High Child under 18: Brandon Brooks, Post 94

High 19-20 YD Handicap: Mike McKinney, Post 754

High 21-23 YD Handicap: Dane Goin, Post 613

High 24-27 YD Handicap: Adam Frit, Post 260

High Veteran 65-70: Ronald Caldwell, Post 25

High Senior Veteran over 70: John Fox, Post 65

High Parent & Child: Mark Holmer, Matt Holmer, Post 405

High 16 YD: Billy Mizer, Post 65

The Committee will hold its annual meeting November 8th, 9:30 a.m. at Ryan's restaurant, 2227 Marion Mount Gilead Rd., Marion. The Cardinal Center is the tournament location and any Post can host the event. If you or your Post are interested in hosting a Tournament please contact Director McGowan at Department Headquarters.