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Who we are and who we were

The Voice of the Legion - The American Legion Weekly, Volume 3, No. 17, April 29, 1921

"Americanism Begins at Home"

To the Editor: I think there is a lesson for us all in the autobiographical book just published under the title, "The Americanization of Edward Bok." When the writer, the former editor of The Ladies' Home Journal, himself born abroad, wrote the following words, he was expressing a basic principle worth bearing in mind: "We certainly cannot approach anything approaching a true Americanization until we ourselves feel, and believe, and practice in our own lives what we are teaching to others. No law, no lip service, no effort, however well intended, will amount to anything worthwhile in inculcating the true American spirit in our foreign born citizens until we are sure that the American spirit is understood by ourselves, and is warp and woof of our own being."

John Mayo, Wellesley Post, Cambridge, Mass.

Interesting times to be sure, much different from today. Or was it?